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Here are the ways I open the WAY OF THE ICON for others.



  • Courses are designed according to and within the missional and intellectual objective of the requesting institution. I am competent at the graduate level, and because of my research and expertise, I am often invited not only to give complete courses, but also to topically lecture in art, theological anthropology and spirituality.
  • My retreats are always intended to be deep and moving, full of a sense of freedom and at the same time characterized by deep silence. It goes without saying that the liturgical season, the saint or the charism of your group and specific purpose of your event will always be honoured.
  • Workshops are dynamic, combining presentations, lectures, hands-on, and prayer practice. And of course conference/keynote/presentations are event specific. 

Simply send me your event theme or wishes and I will design and adapt a specific talk or course appropriate to your group and occasion.



As an artist my gift is iconography. Any image can become an icon if it shows or manifests or transcends the grace life and it's on the basis of this that I choose what I provide for reproduction to others. Whatever I paint I look for the transcendence.  I work primarily in two mediums: one in the style of Byzantine icons and the other in classical realism. 

Even though i paint both traditional Byzantine style icons in egg tempera, very often my oil studies take on a similar iconic function because indeed they manifest or lay bear the beauty of the human person, the reality of creations, and the hidden transcendence within and so it is that I only make those prints available for others which in your humility so to speak become iconic in some way. Each has a story related to some grace or deep experience ... human experience of what art is full, Thus those images or paintings that have a story in history or scripture or myth.


project coach  


Whether you have an idea but you cannot imagine how to realize it; or perhaps there is just one aspect of the project where you may be stuck and need some objective input. Whatever the case maybe you will find me a willing and dedicated consultant for all such projects of the spirit, that relate to art and the human person.



My hourly fee scale varies according to each project and budget. For project fee estimates simply send your queries and proposals to my contact info below to see if, indeed, the project is one that I am able to be of assistance in, or alternately, able to offer a recommendation.

Each request is honoured individually and confidentially, as are costs.

  • Here are some basic expenses to consider when planning your event:  travel expenses, accommodation & meals, materials (for hands-on events), transport of images, handouts and speaker fees.

All art works are handled traditionally by individual commissions. 



If you are interested in discussing any of these specific topics, or simply have questions, please feel free to contact me at matthia@wayoftheicon.com.