The Recognition​

"The Recognition". Matthia Langone (2013) 

"The Recognition". Matthia Langone (2013) 

I was honoured that my painting "The Recognition" was shown as part of the 95th Annual National Convention of the Catholic Women's League of Canada. The convention was held at the Hyatt, downtown Vancouver from August 16-19, 2015.

The painting was chosen for the prayer companions program for the two year term of President Barb Dowding. In her article The Birth of a Theme, President Dowding wrote:

"Every day I walk by Dr. Matthia Langone’s painting, The Recognition, where it sits in my office. Always noticing but never stopping. One day, I turned around and they, Mary and Elizabeth, called out to me! It was as if they said in unison, 'Look at us! This is what you are called to do.' Go meet one another, embrace, laugh, comfort and be together. I knew then that this was the model I was looking for, and I immediately asked Matthia if I could use it. She had painted it for a women’s conference, so it seemed even more appropriate. From there, the idea of supporting one another in our role as women took hold. I was looking for something we could all relate to and would unite us. From our feminine genius to our place in the world, the pieces gradually came together. For me, the answer to God’s call is, 'Here I am, Lord! I come to do your will.' The painting spoke to me, reminding me that both Mary and Elizabeth answered the same way.

— Catholic Women's League of Canada, Vol 91/No.2/Spring 2015

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